Gear Services - Gear Consultancy Calgary, Replacement Gearboxes, Gear Services, Repairs, Maintenance, Automation Drive Systems
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Gear Service & Repair

Are you experiencing problems with your gears? Look no further than CPS Gear Technology & Consulting. You can trust on our gear engineering expertise to ensure your service and repair is done professionally. We focus on your minimizing downtime and work with your site personnel to ensure quick return to full operation with the highest efficiency. Our goal is understanding our customers’ needs and expectations. We work hard to exceed the customers’ expectations.

Gearbox repairs and maintenance for all types of industries:

Oil and Gas, Food process, Metal process, Pulp and paper, Power generation, Chemical, Cement, Marine, Water management, Machine tool, Rail, Aerospace

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Our Service & Repair Includes

Gearbox Inspection

  • Full Gear Failure Analysis
  • Gearbox Site Service
  • Gear Repair
  • Gear Part Supply
  • Gearbox Upgrade
  • Custom Machining

Onsite Services To Reverse Engineer Gear or Gearbox Where The Drawings Are No Longer Available or Have been Lost


We’re always available to discuss your project